Welcome to UrbanLifePhotos.com

2020 was such a year of stress. From the continual news coverage around the global COVID-19 pandemic to a contentious political election, we had to search for positive moments and ways to fill our days. I, personally, found great happiness from my Twitter feed which is full of photos of birds from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, New York. To each birder in the NYC area who shared a beautiful photo in 2020, thank you. You likely brought a smile to my face and many others.

UrbanLifePhotos.com was started as a way to share beautiful photography from some of the most urban places around the world. For the near future, these will be primarily centered around New York City, which is where I’m located. As the vaccine makes its way forward, I hope we return to normal travel where I can include may other urban areas around the world.

This site will cover wildlife photography from Central Park and other urban areas. There will also be portfolios covering some of the more raw aspects of urban living. In most urban areas, life has changed in 2020 and I am hoping to share some of that change. These raw and real life photos will likely not bring the same smile to your face that the wildlife photography will but I feel it is important to capture the change happening around us.

If you like what you see, let me know. Drop me a line on our Contact Us page or below. I wish you a blessed day.

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